Gerald Sitte

Gerald Sitte

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Austria

Gerald Sitte is Managing Director of Longevity Labs GmbH in Graz, Austria, which he co-founded with Herbert Pock and Vedran Bijelac in 2016. Sitte and his partners laid the groundwork, developed production facilities, and now oversee growth of Longevity Labs and its flagship product, spermidineLIFE®.

A multilingual communicator, he applies his keen sense of intercultural relationship building across industry networks. Sitte’s approaches support Longevity Labs’ creative thinking and cross-functional work ethic, innovative and efficient production methods, and new products. 

Before co-founding Longevity Labs, Sitte served as CEO with several industrial companies in Austria, Europe and Russia, managing operations, finance and merger and acquisition activities. He has served as a senior consultant and CEO with Austin Life Science Partners AG in Switzerland and Austria.

With a focus on mechanical engineering and business, Sitte received his MS and his Ph.D. degrees from the Technical University Graz, Graz Austria. He continues to serve as a lecturer in management, finance, economics and controlling, and is an assessor of bachelor and master’s theses, at the university’s applied science campus. In his free time, he enjoys sports and being with family.